Employment/ Education

1802 NW Ferris, Offers services for education and employment for people with a mental or physical disability .#580-585-4200

Free program with waiting list, free classes offered in the morning and afternoons to prepare for each section of the test. Each section of the test cost $34. # 580-250-5685

1205 Summit, Services: resume, interview, career assessments, basic computer skills, GED preparation, One-on-One assistance, online job searching. How to access: walk-in and complete an intake and determine which employment readiness services would best fit your needs. Mon-Fri 9-5, closed from 12-1. # 580-699-5580 ext. 3005

1711 S 11TH St. Services offered: employer services, job placement, unemployment, insurance assistance, labor market information and veteran services. How to access services: take a valid photo ID and social security card to center and register for services. Mon-Fri 8-5. # 580-357-3500

2800 W. Gore Blvd. Lawton, Ok- # 580-581-2200

4500 SW Lee Blvd. # 580-355-6371

American Red Cross- 6 SE Lee Blvd A or 401 W. Gore Blvd. # 580-355-2481