1203 SW Texas Ave, Must have current ID and Social Security card (not a copy). No assault and battery/sexual charges, 6 week program, male, female, and children with parents, placement can only use services 1x per year. Must be able to do 5 job searches per day. # 580-248-0936

1306 SW E. Ave, Must have picture ID and Social Security card (can be a copy). 1st three nights are free, $10 a night (will work with some about payment), must go looking for work daily. No sex offenders. Dinner served every night, 6:00-6:45 (available for anyone). # 580-355-1802

Domestic violence/sexual assault intervention services. Women and children only. Don’t accept men that have been battered but will help. Non-residential counseling free of charge for domestic violence. 30 day stay facility. Call 24 hour crisis hotline to determine eligibility – # 580-357-2500 or #580-357-6141

609 SW F Ave. # 580-353-7392

901 SW 17th St. Provides shelter for homeless families with children for up to 90 days, clothing vouchers, rent/utility assistance and referrals.# 580-353-7522

902 SW 17th St. # 580-357-6263